Author: Gareth Hargreaves

Discover body confidence: Hair loss in women

Fashion & Beauty, Women's Health

Hair loss in women is neither serious, nor life threatening – according to doctors. For the sufferer, though, it is stress inducing and a real confidence killer. Here are some tips to help you overcome any concerns about wearing a wig.

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Iceland volcano: ashes to ashes, so to speak


The disruption caused by Eyjafjallajukull, the ash spewing volcano on Iceland, shows little sign of abating and the cost to business and...

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Minor party votes to dilute hung parliament


Nationalist and minor parties, such as SNP and UKIP, campaigning on region specific themes could become a headache for the big three in the...

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Adopting a rescue pet


Britain is a nation of animal lovers – or so we are told – yet every week animals are abandoned or rescued by the RSPCA and other welfare organisations. If you are considering getting a pet, our re-homing guide can help you make the right choice.

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