Can you get full marks in the 50connect Morning Quiz?

7 Replies to “Morning Quiz”

  1. c6e13672c7fd7205abb433d013b8425d?s=54&d=mm&r=g Edward Walton says:

    Enjoy the Quiz. Although a failure

  2. Karen Karen says:

    I don’t know why I try this every day, I’m completely rubbish.

  3. d9fe7162dda658299635357fafb0f6a9?s=54&d=mm&r=g Teri cook says:

    Well I was definitely rubbish lol 😝

  4. Kate Kate says:

    Got all correct except question re sharks and minnows. The answer re sharks and minnows appears incorrect as I’ve checked online and it is described as an outdoor game for kids played in the yard. It is not generally played in a pool per your answer.

  5. 55a12ad20edc338eb4ad9dd545b17930?s=54&d=mm&r=g Anne says:

    Where can I see the answers

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