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With summer fast approaching and restrictions now easing, more and more people will be venturing out for cliff-top walks, a day by the seaside or even just a catch-up with friends in the local beer garden.

Whilst it’s hardly the jungle out there, it is still important to be prepared when exploring the great outdoors in the UK! From buzzing bees and creepy crawlies to stinging nettles and poisonous plants. A serious buzz kill would be getting an itchy bite or a nasty sting whilst out with your friends on an afternoon walk.

Talking of being outdoors, if you are a keen gardener whether you’re at the ground-clearing stage or already beginning to water your budding plants, you’ll likely be in close contact with bugs like mosquitoes, bees, wasps, hornets and horseflies. So, whatever the outdoors activity, it’s important to have help on hand immediately if you happen to get stung or bitten.

To soothe any itching, pain or swellings caused by insect bites and stings try bite away® -it’s a completely chemical-free treatment, clinically proven[1] to relieve symptoms in just two minutes! The concentrated heat technology triggers a response in the body when applied directly to the skin, providing effective relief from the first application. Pocket-sized and boasting a long battery life (up to 300 applications), it’s easy to keep bite away® with you at all times whether you’re gardening at home or enjoying a Sunday afternoon walk.

bite away®, (costs £29.95) is available from Amazon ( and independent pharmacies nationwide.

[1] Müller et al. Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology 2011; 4: 191-196

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