Chance to win super deluxe version of Prometheus Strategy Game (RRP £245) 


The Prometheus Strategy Game, is invented by Former Head of Maths Christopher Curtis and is the must have board game for Christmas and is set to be The Game of our era. Since launching it has received instant popularity in schools in countries across the globe and at Number 10 Downing Street. The super deluxe edition of the game was gifted to Prime Minister Boris Johnson when he was recovering from Covid-19 and was accepted with great enthusiasm as ‘a gift for the nation’. 

Prometheus, translated in Greek mythology as ‘forethought’ is based on the number of corners or vertices of dynamic play pieces and is easy to learn for 7 years old plus and fun to play for all the family. No two games are the same and games last for around fifteen or twenty minutes – much shorter than many games of chess.

The mainstream version of the game has a RRP of £34.95 of manufactured by Cartamundi, Ireland at their Waterford plant alongside Monopoly and Cluedo is available online and soon to be available via Amazon. The colour deluxe version has a RRP of £199 and the super deluxe version like the one being enjoyed at Number 10 has a RRP of £245. 

The story of Prometheus giving the gift of fire to the mortals while the Gods were sleeping is a fascinating one. Through his gift of fire and subsequent sacrifice, Prometheus is considered to be the patron of civilization in Greek Mythology. He has a small shrine in Athens near to Plato’s academy and was worshipped in Rome by scholars. ‘Forethought’ is essential for success in winning the game. 

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