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Harry Wild Series One DVD

Meet Harry Wild ­ in a delightfully charming, effortlessly engaging, refreshingly modern murder mystery series. The inimitable Emmy® and Golden Globe-winning® actress Jane Seymour (The Kominsky Method, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman) plays the eponymous lead – a literature professor turned sleuth – and also co-executive produced the must-see crime caper.

This Acorn TV Original drama enchanted audiences when it made its premiere on Acorn TV and was quickly lauded as a ‘reason to sign up for another streaming service’ (Daily Mirror). Now, hot on the heels of its transmission on Channel 5, Harry Wild Series One is set to arrive on DVD and digital on 17 April 2023, courtesy of Acorn Media International.  

When retired literature professor Harriet – AKA Harry Wild (Seymour) – becomes the victim of a mugging, it inadvertently triggers a chain of events that leads to a completely new lease of life. Shaken by the crime, she reluctantly agrees to recover at the home of her son, Charlie (Kevin RyanGuilt, Copper), a senior police detective in the Dublin police, and his wife, Orla (Amy Huberman – Finding Joy).

In need of something to relieve the boredom, Harry stumbles on some murder investigation case files belonging to her son and starts to read with interest. When she offers her take on the crime, her unwanted help is immediately rebuffed by Charlie… so, Harry decides to find the killer herself. Turning amateur sleuth, she dives headlong into the case and by chance, she crosses paths again with her mugger – Fergus Reid (Rohan NeddWhitstable Pearl). But instead of turning him in, Harry sees great potential in the troubled teen and enlists him as her sidekick. Despite their differences, Harry and Fergus quickly become a dynamic crime-busting team, solving new mysteries at every turn.

With a dazzling lead, quirky cases, light-hearted humour and joyful characters, Harry Wild is the sleuthing sensation we’ve been waiting for. 

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