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Healthspan Love your Brain
Healthspan’s Love Your Brain, health supplements

Looking after your brain health is so important, a recent study of 2000 adults by Healthspan, found they forget something on average of three times a day, forgetting up to 1095 things a year – including their partner’s phone number, birthdays and where they’ve parked the car.

Our brain ageing actually begins as early as our twenties. Memory is affected by ageing, lack of sleep, menopause, and stress and diet also plays a pivotal role in supporting brain health.

Win Healthspan’s Love Your Brain, 28-day supply of brain health supplements in a convenient 3-a-day tear strip, worth £19.95.

This product contains a sustainable, vegan source of omega 3 containing 250mg DHA; a nootropic supplement which is an innovative combination of amino acids L-Tyrosine and L-Theanine with natural Bacopa monnieri extract and pantothenic acid to support your mental performance; and a neuro-vitamin complex containing essential minerals magnesium, iron and zinc for cognitive and psychological function, alongside a complex of B vitamins to support your energy level. B vitamins also contribute to normal functioning of your nervous system.

Win one of five packs of Healthspan’s Love your Brain health supplements

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