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McAfee+ protection

New scams and online threats are emerging almost daily yet a recent study by McAfee found that 42% of parents don’t even protect their PCs and laptops with a password, and only 50% stick to reputable online stores when shopping.

Being aware of the latest threats is an important step in improving online habits but using dedicated online protection software along with good digital hygiene, such as strong, varied passwords, multi-factor authentication and a VPN, will go a long way in protecting you and your devices from hackers.

McAfee recently launched McAfee+ in the UK, a new product line with comprehensive privacy and identity protections that enable people to confidently and securely live life online.

McAfee+ secures all your devices with award-winning all-in-one protection against threats and viruses. It also helps prevent personal information from being collected and sold online and alerts you if it’s found on the dark web with guidance to secure your accounts. McAfee+ Advanced (worth £149.99) includes expert assistance for identity restoration in case of identity theft, as well as lost wallet support.

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