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This content is sponsored by Hydralyte

This content is sponsored by Hydralyte


Dehydration can have a horrible effect on our body and health. Our brains are made up of around 75% of water, which means that even 1-2% of dehydration can have a negative effect on our body and brain. This is when we can start to experience negative side effects. Dizziness and irritability are very common. Other symptoms include dry mouth, thirst, concentrated urine, and fatigue.

Oral rehydration solutions are gaining popularity as the market grows and more positive feedback is shared on their effectiveness. They work by combining glucose and electrolytes to rehydrate you faster than water alone.

Based on the World Health Organization criteria for rapid rehydration, Hydralyte is scientifically formulated to hydrate and restore vital electrolytes in the body and bloodstream. It is a hypotonic, which put simply means that when Hydralyte enters the body the fluids go straight into the blood stream – resulting in faster and more effective hydration than water or sports drinks.

Try and get into the habit of drinking Hydralyte in the morning so that you feel fresh and ready for the day ahead. An additional piece of advice is to make sure you drink regularly to stay hydrated throughout the day!

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This content is sponsored by Hydralyte

Last modified: November 29, 2021

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