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The Cuza

Manchester 2023: Vocalist, Transylvanian native and adopted ‘Mancunian’ Tudor Todut, guitarist and songwriter Wayne Edwards, guitarist and keyboard supremo James Adams, bassist Shaun Taylor and drummer Ryan Ormerod collectively make up the visionary and genre-defying band The Cuza. They release their richly layered debut album “A Life Full Of Colour” on 6th July 2023.

Perhaps it was ‘Kismet’, fantastic luck or (more grandly) pre-ordained by the great gods of music: the intense and rigorous search for a singer and frontman came to a confirmed end when the band encountered Tudor Tudot from Transylvania! Something huge clicked in the Universe and The Cuza miraculously came into being. Amen! Cue a creative assimilation of the band members individual artistic influences to create a unique and heady alchemic brew of magical music. The band revel in this originality (a rare thing) and pride themselves in being both prolific and innovative in the studio, drawing from Northern Soul to Death Metal, from Bowie to Slayer and beyond. You get the idea: No rules, no barriers. 

The album “A Life Full Of Colour” is an impressive debut: a collection of glorious dioramas and vignettes on life and its wonderfully colourful characters, as well as musings, reflections and shout outs of pain and joy. It points out all the ‘colours’ in which we should immerse ourselves. 

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