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Freedom 50


That’s the number of days on which ladies wear a bra throughout their lives (give or take the odd Sunday…)

Why? Because for too long, bras haven’t been designed by women for women. They haven’t been designed with 24,400 days in mind. Until now.

There’s hardly another staple in their wardrobe that rivals this figure. Yet ladies squeeze themselves into painful, itchy, wired bras because…well…what other options do ladies generally have? And if, like them, they wear above a D cup, then their options are even more limited because most high street brands don’t even sell their size.

Wear My Freedom wants to change the way ladies think about bras. Especially in larger sizes. Their bras are designed to be worn over and over again. Worn for hours and hours. Worn by real women, not mannequins and supermodels.

When ladies wear a Freedom Bra, they’ll noticethe softness of the fabrics. They’ll feelthe hug of a perfect fit. And they’ll love the liberation from painful underwires. It’s non-stop comfort from every angle.

When purchasing a Freedom Bra, they offer a Free The Girls mailbag, so that you can donate your unwanted bras to provide safe economic opportunity for women in developing countries. See more at

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Last modified: June 10, 2021

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