Win a John Adams Science Kit Bundle!

Win a John Adams Science Kit Bundle!

To celebrate British Science Week taking place this month, we’ve got an amazing bundle from John Adams to give away to three lucky winners including Edible Science and Space Science!

Having fun with science in the kitchen doesn’t get much better than Edible Science (SRP £19.99)! A fun-filled kitchen chemistry set which includes 15 food-based experiments, Edible Science comes complete with all the gizmos and gadgets you need, just add a few common household ingredients and you’re all set!  Use osmosis to make gummies grow, make spaghetti using the science behind gelification and make a chocolate sugar geode – these are just some of the experiment’s kids can do in the kit – all of which support STEM and National Curriculum Learning.  Edible Science comes complete with measuring cylinder, ball mould, chocolate bar mould, geode mould, egg separator, syringe and tubing, ice cream maker and colour activity guide.

Create experiments that are out of this world with Space Science (SRP £14.99)!  The moon is our closest astronomical neighbour, orbiting Earth at over 2200 miles per hour, but how much do you know about what is the fifth largest satellite in our solar system? Space Science is a fun, fact-filled kit which includes 12 experiments which teach all about this fascinating place.  Launch a rocket, make moon sand, meteor craters and loads more in this amazing kit.  Comes complete with gravity balls, moon phase calendar, moon map, meteor mould, meteor sand, moon sand, cornstarch, glitter, rocket, fishing line and glow in the dark stars!

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