Win a North Point Distillery triple bottle bundle

Win a North Point Distillery triple bottle bundle

North Point Distillery, based in the very North of Scotland, does things a little differently. With a focus on small-batch sustainable distillation, the distillery is pioneering a new wave of rum distilleries emerging in the UK.

As the most Northerly Rum Distillery in mainland Scotland, North Point Distillery combines the ingredients that are responsibly sourced from the Caribbean and the time-honoured traditions of Scottish distillilling to create a one-of-a-kind product. Aiming to be one of the most sustainable distilleries, their sustainable approach incorporates entirely recycled products for their bottles and packaging and the entire distillery is operated on wind power from a local wind farm;

They currently produce 3 beautiful sustainable spirits from their headliner; The North Point Pilot Rum, to its Sister; Spiced Skerra Rum and their long lost cousin; Crosskirk Bay Gin!

North Point Pilot Rum is made from the very finest (and sustainable) sugarcane and molasses with a North Point Distillery twist! Their young rum is aged in Highland Scotch Whisky barrels on-site at North Point Distillery to create a truly unique blend of the Caribbean and the Scottish Highlands!

North Point Spiced Rum pot distilled using the North Point Rum as a base, Skerra Spiced Rum combines the richness of Cacao with the warmth of Seville Oranges to create a beautifully balanced rum.

Crosskirk Bay Gin – Distilled overlooking the picturesque Crosskirk Bay in West Caithness, their Distiller’s Edition Gin is juniper led with local botanicals providing a soft, citrus character.

Win a North Point Distillery triple bottle bundle

This is your chance to get stuck in with not just 1 of their drinks but all 3! Share them with family and friends or keep them all to yourself! Their triple bottle bundle gives you the chance to experience the flavours Caithness has to offer without the Scottish weather. To win their bundle (RRP £109); simply answer the question below.

Close date for this prize draw is 5 August 2021.

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