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Barclays Digital Eagles help people make the most of the digital world, confidently and safely. Read all about their history and new Digital Wings learning pl…
Barclays Digital Eagles

Who are the Digital Eagles?

We’re a team that are passionate about empowering individuals, local communities, and organisations to be more confident with technology so that they can move forward with confidence in the rapidly changing digital world.

Where it all started

Back in 2013, many Barclays colleagues didn’t feel confident navigating newer tech to its full potential when assisting our customers in branch. 18 colleagues stepped up to the task of boosting digital literacy and activity throughout Barclays, and so the Digital Eagles were born.

From helping colleagues to helping communities

We quickly progressed from our focus of helping colleagues to helping local communities and charities through one-to-one and group support events. From digital basics through to digital safety, our events aim to help people get the most from the digital world, confidently and safely.

Decoding code

In 2015 we launched Barclays Code Playground to help the kids of today learn the skills needed for tomorrow. In the past six years, our Code Playground initiative has evolved from sessions in our branches, to interactive sessions delivered virtually to classrooms up and down the country, as well as our very own Barclays Code Playground website full of coding resources and games.

Keeping up with tech  

To help bridge the digital skills gap, we re-launched Digital Wings in 2020. Our free online learning platform is designed to provide tailored learning to suit anyone wanting to improve their digital know-how.

Either as an organisation, a group, or as an individual, we’ve got modules for starting out with a new device, making your business digital, keeping your children safe online, as well as improving your health and wellbeing through technology. Digital Wings is available online and is free to use.

Staying connected

2020 saw many changes; we had to adapt quickly to help. We supported over 500 UK care homes and their residents to stay in touch with their loved ones and medical professionals, as well as helping care home staff stay on top of their digital skills too.

What’s next?

We’ve come a long way since our 18 tech-savvy colleagues in 2013, but our goal has never changed – to help those most in need of digital literacy, safety and creativity take their next step.  To see how you can start your digital learning journey with us, head over to our website, Digital Wings, or our Code Playground website.

Last modified: July 6, 2021

Written by 1:37 pm Finance