UK’s best cities to retire revealed

Do you dream of relocating when you retire? Find out where the UK’s most popular retirement locations.

Best cities to retire

When you’re working, retirement seems a long way off. But eventually, pretty much everyone wants to stop working. It means different things for different people – but whether you want to spend the rest of your days in the pub, use your leisure time to take up hobbies, or just want to find somewhere nice and quiet, this new infographic has it covered. 

Detailing the top thirty places to retire, it covers a wide range of factors, from serene parks and churches through to cinemas and golf clubs, so you can check out the best places to spend your golden years.

Top five places to retire in the UK:

  1. Birmingham, thanks to its low house prices, great entertainment options, and high number of parks and pubs
  2. Edinburgh, which lost only a few points in its spread of churches and cafés
  3. Glasgow, which excels with the most golf courses on the list – 18 more than Edinburgh (ranked number 2 on the list)
  4. Liverpool, suffering on entertainment but riding high on home and retirement home prices and places to meet
  5. Belfast, making it into the top five because of its excellent house prices 

Towards the other end of the spectrum, Southampton makes it into the bottom of the top thirty with limited leisure activities (it has only 4 golf courses while premiere golf hotspot Glasgow has 39), and little in the way of churches, parks, golf courses – but strong on affordable property prices, meaning it’s still amongst the best retirement options in the country.

Tough on crime, weak on fun

Carlisle has the least crime in the UK – but it only makes it to number 28 on the list due to also having the lowest number of entertainment options in the thirty cities included. You’ll be safe if you retire there… but you might be a little bored.

England’s most entertaining city

Right at the top of the scoreboard, Birmingham has the UK’s best entertainment options for retirees, covering cinemas, golf courses, pubs, and a number of other leisure activities. And in case you didn’t get your pension sorted in time, not to worry – it also has one of the cheapest average house prices, at only £174,491.

Whether you’re dithering about retirement plans or want to see where you might want to live after work, check out the infographic here.

Last modified: June 10, 2021

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