Keep cool in fashionable Reykjavik

From cool outdoor pursuits, to adventures in the city, discover the delights of Iceland’s capital.

ReykjavikLess than three hours from the UK, Reykjavik is a great place for a weekend getaway at any time of year! With flexible travel options you can choose from an outstanding selection of hotels and add in any number of excursions to discover the city and the wealth of natural wonders on its doorstep.

Reykjavik is clean, crisp and refreshingly different. It is a place of many facets: the cosy timber dwellings of its historic heart are clustered around the city’s centre piece – a lake and bird sanctuary.

In the bustling streets surrounding the cathedral and Parliament, Reykjavik’s cafés radiate inviting warmth and an aroma of freshly brewed coffee – the national drink. This compact city is easy to explore and almost everyone speaks English so directions are simple to follow.

At home in this youthful and growing city is the contemporary architecture – two examples of which are its church Hallgrimskirkja, a skyline sentinel whose profile mimics nature’s own basalt columns, and Perlan, with its shimmering glass dome.

Where architecture leaves off, art takes over. Reykjavik’s street sculpture is a memorable feature. Its galleries and an unusual array of museums are complemented by a lively theatre and concert scene. Reykjavik’s varied nightlife is legendary for a city of this size and on Friday and Saturday nights the 120 or so bars and clubs generally fill up around midnight, with the good-natured party crowd having fun through until breakfast time. And everyone is welcome!

Mentioning food, Reykjavik has more than its fair share of top class restaurants with many internationally-known chefs preparing a vast range of cuisine to the highest standards. Presentation is impeccable as is the décor of most of the well known restaurants in the centre. Some notable places are attached to hotels such as Braudbaer Restaurant at Hotel Odinsve and Silfur at Hotel Borg.

There are cheaper alternatives in the more casual establishments and of course there are many caf̩s, several internationally known fast food outlets and snack bars etc. One of the cheapest of Icelandic foods visitors are always encouraged to try is Pylsur Рthe Icelandic hot dog, and very tasty they are too!

Reykjavik has an unlimited supply of nature on its doorstep making it an ideal base from which to explore. Head down to the sea and let your eyes wander to the broody mountains across the bay for a taste of what you can expect on one of the day trips out of the city.

Last modified: April 14, 2010

Written by 2:14 pm Living Abroad