The UK’s most expensive (and cheapest) funeral costs

If funeral costs continue to rise at the same rate as today – by 2024 the average cost of a UK funeral could be £5,925 says new report by Legal and General.

average cost of a funeral UK

In the past six years the cost of a funeral in the UK has risen by 38%, which means the average cost for a funeral in 2017 was £4,086. In the past twelve months alone costs have risen by 4%, with there being little sign of things changing any time soon.

According to a new report from Legal and General, the average cost of a burial funeral in the UK is now a rather daunting £4,800, with cremations coming in a little cheaper at £3,872. Included in these figures are funeral directors fees, the burial/cremation, transportation to the chapel of rest, the opportunity for family to visit the deceased, teak/oak veneer or similar coffin, a hearse, the funeral procession and preparation and care of the deceased.

Leading the way for the highest costs in the UK won’t come as much of a shock, with funerals in Greater London costing on average £7,700 for a burial and £4,600 for a cremation. Even these figures pale in comparison to the UK’s most expensive funeral, with a burial funeral in Enfield, North London, costing as much as £13,049.

Moving away from London into the South East, burial funerals cost on average £5,200, with cremations £4,500. Not too far behind is East Anglia, where burial funerals cost an average of £4,800 and cremations £4,200.

Somewhat surprisingly Yorkshire and Humber is the fourth most expensive region in the UK, where your average burial funeral will set you back £5,100 and a cremation £4,100. Hot on its heels is the West Midlands, with a burial costing an average of £5,000 and a cremation £3,900.

Scotland isn’t too far off from the overall UK average, where burials cost £4,600 and cremations £3,800, with Wales coming below the national average with burials costing £4,200 and cremations £3,600.

The cheapest region is Northern Ireland, and it is also the only region in the UK where cremations cost more than burials. A burial funeral will cost on average £3,300, whereas a cremation will actually set you back £3,400. The reason for Northern Ireland bucking the trend is the low amounts of crematoria in the region and the increased likelihood of a burial funeral.

If these costs continue to rise at the same rate, then by 2024 the average cost of a UK funeral will be £5,925. This is a huge amount of money, regardless of your financial status, and is a huge burden to leave on family, especially when you take into consideration that none of the figures above include additional costs, such as floral tributes or post-funeral gatherings.

For more information on the cost of funerals in the UK and over 50s life insurance, visit the Legal and General website.

Last modified: June 10, 2021

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