Believing in young carers: Winners’ story

This content is sponsored by Barnardo's

This content is sponsored by Barnardo's

Believing in young carers - Winners, a  young carer.

Let me tell you about one of the young carers we’ve been working with – 11-year old Winners.

Winners spends a lot of his time looking after Eliott, his nine-year old brother. Eliott is autistic, has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and needs a lot of care.

That’s why Winners helps his mum, Stella, with things like bathing, dressing and feeding Eliott.
Winners is one of more than 90 young people who are supported by my team here at his local Barnardo’s Young Carers service. Usually, Winners gets a break from the daily stresses and strains of caring for Eliott. He can spend time having fun with other young people who care for a loved one, and who know exactly what he’s going through.

Winners told me: “I like going to Young Carers because I meet young people with brothers and sisters with problems. Before I used to think I was the only person with a disabled brother.”

It’s so good for Winners’ wellbeing to know that he’s not alone. But, best of all, he loves the trips and activities that we organise, which help him leave his troubles behind and just enjoy being a child.

During the lockdowns, Winners continued to get regular, one-to-one support over the phone from Claire his project worker here at the service. It gave him a chance to talk about anything that worried during those tricky times.

Winners’ mum, Stella, said:
”When the weather was good, we were able to get out into the garden but we couldn’t go to our local park due to the lockdowns and being inside more was hard on everyone. When the Young Carers weren’t able to meet, Winners was given online resources to help him. One of the activities he was encouraged to do was cooking and Winners enjoyed making cakes and pizzas. He’s definitely gotten better in the kitchen.

Winners who attends Newport Young Carers and his brother Eliott. Believing in young carers.
Winners helps care for his autistic brother Elliott.

Being a young carer can have such a huge impact on a child or young person’s social life, on their education and on their mental health. But, thanks to your support, Winners is getting the kind of help that can make all the difference.

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This content is sponsored by Barnardo's

Last modified: September 7, 2021

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