Quiz – How much do you know about Barnardo’s?

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This content is sponsored by Barnardo's

For every £1 spent by Barnardo’s, approximately 92p goes on working with the children and young people who most need help. Test your knowledge and find o…

Find out how you can help

With the support of people like you, we can build stronger families, and happier childhoods. Nearly half of all money fundraised for Barnardo’s comes from gift in Wills – without these gifts, so much of our work with vulnerable children would not be possible. What better way to remember the cause whose values you share by leaving a Gift in your Will.  

 A gift in your Will is a special way to mark the experiences that shape you – and pass on the gift of childhood to future generations.

For more stories like Barnardo’s ‘Day of Action’ for reforms in children’s social care, see our Gifts in Wills hub.

This content is sponsored by Barnardo's

Last modified: September 9, 2022

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