Why I’m leaving a gift in my Will to Barnardo’s

This content is sponsored by Barnardo's

This content is sponsored by Barnardo's

Help support Barnardo’s vital work to protect, support and nurture the UK’s most vulnerable children.

Julia, pictured above, is remembering Barnardo’s in her Will.

Julia spent her entire career in local healthcare and working within the Department of Health, here she reflects on her experiences working with disadvantaged children and families and why she has pledged to support Barnardo’s with a gift in her Will.

“When I was thinking about making my Will, one of the things I’ve always felt passionately during my life in social work is just how disadvantaged some families and children are, and I see the kind of boost and help that Barnardo’s has been able to give them.

“I thought I really want to be able to do something to help with that, because at least I have the advantage of having that extra money, so I want to make sure that those families who could benefit from it – could make use of it through Barnardo’s.

“When I was thinking about what I wanted you to do with my money, I wanted to give it to an organisation big enough and important enough and more importantly had the status and position, that people respected them and that would be able to use my money in a way that would help children and families.”

Seeing how Barnardo’s makes a difference

Barnardo’s specialist workers support families through domestic abuse, mental health problems, prison sentences, asylum seeking and much more. This work is made possible by gifts in Wills and the support of people like Julia:

“One of the things that Barnardo’s is very good at doing is demonstrating what it does, and also looking at the results and what was achieved.”


“You can’t expect people to invest in a service if you don’t know what the outcomes are going to be. I think the written material that Barnardo’s has sent out over the years has always been attractive – and helps contextualise how and why the work has been done. That, I think, makes it a much more convincing argument for why I should support the charity’s work.”

Supporting life after care

Barnardo’s provides support for young people in care – and doesn’t forget about them when they leave the care system. Delivering the best outcomes for every child, no matter who they are or what they’ve been through is something Julia passionately believes in and is among the reasons she continues to support the charity.

“One of the things I’ve always been concerned about is the outcome for young people leaving care – they fortunately changed the law now for local authorities can’t if you like close the door come the age of 18.

“But at the time when I was working, the numbers of young people who would come up to leaving care at the age of 18 with very little in the way of finance or practical skills really concerned me. How were they going to be able to budget and things like that?”

“I wanted to give money to Barnardo’s to help and support that service. However, they said to me that they would respect my wishes, but what the charity believes in doing is responding to changing needs. Rather than tie down my legacy gift to a particular service, they explained that it would be much more useful if I left  gift on an unrestricted basis, which is what I did.”

The importance of gifts in Wills

“I hope that Barnardo’s manage to recoup some of the money that they have lost during the pandemic and they continue to be proactive, creative and imaginative in the support they give, and that nothing will happen to stop that.

“This past 18 months has reinforced my feelings about my pledge. The children’s and family situation will become worse. So, for example, children’s mental health is clearly been affected by the pandemic, so I think there are going to be all sorts of things coming out of it once we are through it, that Barnardo’s their roles and their team are really more important in saying that look we haven’t faced it yet. I believe it’s really important we do something about it.” 

Find out how you can help

You can help the vulnerable children and young people we support to continue to grow and become independent by leaving a gift in your Will.  

 A gift in your Will is a special way to mark the experiences that shape you – and pass on the gift of childhood to future generations.

This content is sponsored by Barnardo's

Last modified: September 7, 2021

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