5 most common health complaints in UK

What you need to know, how can you prevent them and how can you get the best from your visit to your GP.
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If you often suffer from backache, cough and colds, tummy upsets, migraines or stress-related illness then you’re not alone, with a new study showing these health complaints are among the five most common in Britain.

The report published by health insurer Health-on-Line.co.uk charts, for the first time ever, the average Briton’s “health life story”. It tracks in detail exactly what ailments, illnesses and injuries the average Brit can expect over the course of their life, ranging from scrapes to serious illnesses, and from coughs and colds to cancer.

Our webTV show will help you recognise the symptoms, teach you how to protect yourself, give you simple tips for treatment and let you know when it’s time to visit your GP.

During the show, Dr Rob Hicks will also give you a simple check list to help you describe your symptoms accurately; from writing a diary of symptoms, noting your eating habits, to charting spikes in levels of pain, so that if you do need to book an appointment to see your GP, you can make sure that you get the most out your consultation.

Last modified: February 26, 2021

Written by 5:06 pm Health