What’s so special about Manuka?

Studies suggest anti-bacterial, anti fungal and anti-inflammatory properties within Manuka Oil may help in the treatment of a range of health conditions.
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For hundreds of years, the Maori of New Zealand have used manuka oil to treat everything from rheumatism and anxiety to burns and skin disorders. Its amazing antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and calming properties are only now beginning to be understood in the West.

Recently, scientists have confirmed that manuka oil is up to 33% stronger than tea tree oil against certain strains of bacteria, and is even effective against MRSA, which is resistant to normal antibiotics. Yet this essential oil, extracted from the L. scoparium Manuka tree, is known to be very gentle on the skin, and to combat skin irritation caused by dryness, allergies and bacteria such as that responsible for acne.

For many of us the thought of buying an essential oil and mixing it to the correct strength with a carrier oil is a daunting prospect. For those who want the benefits of manuka the easy way, Cosyfeet have launched Manuka Skin Cream.

Ideal for sensitive, irritated or allergy-prone skin, this easily absorbed moisturiser contains pure manuka essential oil. Free from added fragrance or colour, Manuka Skin Cream stabilises the skin, activates the cells and regenerates outer skin layers, making it more resilient. The essential oil within the cream also acts on the nervous system to relieve stress and anxiety.

Manuka Skin Cream can be used as an everyday moisturiser as well as a treatment for itchy skin, acne, ulcers, bedsores and skin that heals poorly due to fungal infections. It is priced at £12.50 for 50ml.

For more information see www.cosyfeet.com or call 01458 447275.

Last modified: June 10, 2021

Written by 9:48 am Alternative Health