BBC to host a season of films on mental health, across TV, Radio and online

This spring, the BBC will host a season of films on mental health, across TV, Radio and online.
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Awareness of mental health issues has been a hugely positive step forward for those affected by this often hidden illness. The season includes a two-part programme on BBC One following a group of 10 runners affected by mental health issues as they prepare to run the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon, to a Horizon Special on BBC Two looking at schizophrenia and advancements in the treatment of psychoses; a documentary on stress for BBC One and a documentary from mental health campaigner Jack Rooke for BBC Three.

Charlotte Moore, Director of Content, explained: “One in four of us experience mental health problems in any given year and yet people with mental health issues still feel isolated and unable to talk about them. I hope this season of thought-provoking programmes across the BBC will contribute to an important national conversation, challenge discrimination and tackle the stigma that continues to surround mental health.”

More than ever, people are realising the importance of looking after their mental as well as their physical health and this season of programmes explores what we can all do to look after ourselves and support others.

Also included in the season;  Nick Knowles discovers how sport or exercise can benefit our psychological wellbeing while Fiona Phillips finds out how best to control stress levels and BBC Three focuses specifically on mental health issues in men.

Credit must go to the BBC for commissioning the programmes in this season and for continuing to help raise awareness and inspire us all to think differently about our mental health.


Last modified: November 17, 2020

Written by 4:03 pm Health