Gifts in Wills are supporting vital cancer research

Scientists like Dr Allan Jordan are developing vital life-saving cancer treatment funded by gifts in Wills.

Dr Allan Jordan

As Head of Chemistry at the Drug Discovery Unit at the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, Dr Allan Jordan works to translate the work of CRUK scientists into new treatments for cancer patients. Research in Manchester covers many types of cancer including, pancreas, lung, prostate and skin cancer. Discoveries made by Cancer Research UK scientists are not only shared throughout the UK but also on a global scale.

Using cutting-edge research, our scientists have found that a simple blood test could help treat a type of lung cancer. The results may allow them to predict how patients with small-cell lung cancer will respond to treatment, and give vital information they can use to develop more effective treatments in the future. Studies like these help build a clearer picture of the disease, paving the way for new treatments that are urgently needed for people with lung cancer.

Working on the front line

Researchers on the front line of discovery, like Dr Allan Jordan, know first-hand the impact support from gifts in Wills to Cancer Research UK can have.

Dr Jordan“Gifts in Wills left to Cancer Research UK are incredibly important to our work.” 

“Cancer is a complicated disease, new drugs and effective treatments do not happen overnight. In most cases, they take 5 to 10 years to develop. These gifts allow us to undertake work to try and make a real difference to patients.

“At the institute, we welcome patients, their families and others to share how we are using their donations. We are honest with them: our research may not benefit them directly, but they understand it may help the next generation or the one after that. And it’s the same generosity that motivates people to leave gifts to Cancer Research UK in their Wills.”

Gifts in Wills received in the weeks, months and years to come could help revolutionise cancer treatments in the future. Future progress is reliant on this kind of long-term funding. Cancer Research UK is the only charity that conducts research into all 200 different types of cancer and is entirely dependent on supporters’ generosity to do so.

Cancer Research UKLeave a life-changing gift

Gifts in Wills are helping to fund cutting-edge technology, kinder treatments and new cures to help beat cancer sooner. Request your free information pack today, call 0800 035 9000 or visit cruk.org/legacies


Last modified: June 10, 2021

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