Help shape the future of healthy ageing

The Autumn Project is an important new service that is being developed and this is your chance to make sure it works for you.
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If you are over 50 and use the internet or have a Smartphone then we want to hear your views. The Autumn Project is building a new service that will help make life more rewarding and fulfilling. We need the voices and opinions of real people to make sure we get it right – can you help us?

How we aim to build a future in which we all live well!

Active mind and body
Most of us would like to be a little more active, both physically and mentally. From suggested events and activities to brain teasers, how do we provide the right tools and information to help you keep your mind active and your body strong?

Encouragement & rewards
Keeping active and doing the right thing isn’t always easy.  But what is the right way to get the nation moving, stay connected and keep us all mentally and physically active?

Friendship & community
Knowing someone is there when you want a natter, need a shoulder or just want to pass the time is important for us all. How do we help shape and build stronger communities?

Simple and accessible technology to improve our lives

All data we collect will be held securely and strictly in accordance with data protection law. All analysis and reporting will be anonymised. We will never ask for your bank details or any payment.  

Your voice will join that of leading academics and professionals who are developing this important new service. Together we can help everyone enjoy life that little bit more.

We’d like to ask your opinion on a range of important matters and promise not to bombard you with questions.

Help us shape the future of a healthy, independent and fulfilled life. Join our consumer insights panel and help shape the future of healthy ageing.

Last modified: November 24, 2020

Written by 11:50 am Health