hVIVO is helping protect the over 60s from common viral infections

A new clinical study is looking at how healthy people aged 60-75 years old respond to respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infections – and you can help.

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One common virus which affects thousands of people each year is the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), with the greatest unmet medical need being in the over 60s. Symptoms typically include nasal congestion, coughing, wheezing and fever which can last up to 2 weeks. There are no current licenced vaccines to protect people over the age of 60.

hVIVO has a long history of conducting clinical trials in respiratory and infectious diseases. We are committed to advancing medical research understanding of how common viral infections affect the human body, to develop future treatments in a quick and effective way.

Aged 60 – 75? hVIVO needs you!

We are currently recruiting for a new clinical study looking at how healthy people aged 60-75 years old respond to RSV infections, but we need your help in achieving this goal.

The study will not be testing a drug of any kind but instead will monitor the impact that this virus has on everyone, with the findings leading to better design vaccine studies in the future. Participants will be compensated from £100 per day, with an average clinical trial length being 11 – 14 nights.

Find out more

For more information on the clinical trial, including what would be involved, click here. If you’d prefer, you can call us on 0207 756 1414, where you will speak to one of our friendly team members – for any questions that you may have

Last modified: June 10, 2021

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