Essential January health and wellbeing

Start off the year on the right foot, here is our round up of goodies to help reduce stress and anxiety and boost your health and wellness.

Feeling stressed and anxious, out and about shopping and worried about the right type of masks or simply struggling with sleep? 

Below is a quick round-up of a few essential things to help reduce anxiety and stress. 

alexandra kay time to breathe ceramic diffuser
Alexandra Kay Time to Breathe Ceramic Diffuser.

Set the scene

The power of scent is incredibly powerful so choose a home fragrance that makes you feel energised and happy. Try the new stylish, Alexandra Kay Time to Breathe Ceramic Diffuser, which is fitted with ultrasonic plates, it gently vibrates diluted essential oil blends without heat to preserve their therapeutic properties and optimise their soothing and calming benefits.  Try with the glorious, Time to Smile Alexandra Kay Essential Oil Blend  (£20.00, 10ml) which is a blend of nine pure, natural essential oils that revive the spirit and provide a boost of positive energy. Diffuser £75.00 available at 

Start the day positively and help your body help itself

If you are feeling stressed and anxious, psychosensory techniques like HAVENING can help relax the body and calm the brain, increase oxytocin and dopamine whilst reducing feelings of anxiety. Using this technique will help you become more relaxed, improve your sleep and overall wellbeing. 

Escape from it and Connect

The government-backed Escape Your Anxiety programme offers a whole range of tools and resources to help you understand and manage anxiety including how helping others can help shift your focus away from your own worries. Find ways to connect with others, as sharing experiences can help you process them and can also help others who experience similar feelings. 

Relaxing bath - Sweaty Betty - January health and wellbeing

Lower the pressure

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself or others – be ok with what you can do. Take it one step at a time. Remember, we all have difficult days – on those days be kind to yourself. Just do the essentials. Give yourself permission to take a break – have a relaxing bath, a cup of tea, watch a comedy, go for a walk and limit your expectations towards yourself and also others.

Stock up on some herbal helpers

Herbal remedies such as A.Vogel’s  new Passiflora Complex Spray can be used by adults and young people aged 12 plus. Containing Passiflora, lemon balm and zinc, Passiflora Complex Spray works by supporting the levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) which lowers stress brain activity, helps with relaxation and sleep and this new spray format provides support on-the-go in a convenient spray bottle available in selected health stores and at, £10.99. 

Magnesium Flakes Bath Soak - January health and wellbeing
Healthspan Magnesium Flakes Bath Soak.

Add a little magnesium magic

This wonder mineral has so many uses from aiding sleep, helping fatigue  and energy levels and mood.  End the day with a soak in a warm bat with Healthspan Magnesium Flakes  Bath Soak – 1kg, £9.95.

Journal away

Journaling we know comes with a wealth of health benefits from emotional management to improved self-confidence and this is something that just keeps giving.  Try – The Wellness Journal – £24.99. 

Sweaty Betty - January health and wellbeing
Sweaty Betty – Power Resistance Loop 5 Pack.

Resist all the way

Exercise is proven to help reduce stress and anxiety so do something that is easy to do if you are feeling a little lazy.  Strength bands can build resistance and muscles mass and are easy just to quickly pick up and do even sitting down.  Try these lovely ones by Sweaty Betty.  A pack of five £15.00, small but mighty indeed. 

Game on

Get a game you can all play together as well as using your brain the foundation of board games is all  about cooperation and they help bring people closer together, strengthen relationships and have fun. Have a look at The School of Life  or Amazon for something last minute.

If you enjoyed reading Essential January health and wellbeing, you’ll find more great health and wellness tips for over 50s on our health channel.

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