Managing diabetes at Christmas

Don’t allow diabetes to become a problem this Christmas.
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For most people the Christmas period is a time of sloth and unadulterated self-indulgence but for the 1.4 million in the UK diagnosed with diabetes, care and restraint is needed in order to maintain control of the condition.

However, although a balancing act is required, this needn’t mean sticking to a dreary diet free of festive treats.   So if you are a relative or friend to someone with diabetes or if you are diagnosed with the condition yourself, then read the following tips to ensure that this year is both a happy and healthy Christmas.

Spread out treats

Spread treats out across the Christmas period. Traditional Christmas foods such as Christmas pudding and mince pies can still be enjoyed, but just don’t eat too much in one go.

Alcohol in moderation

Although you can still have alcohol, try to avoid drinking to excess.  Diabetes UK recommends keeping to no more than two units of alcohol per day for a woman and three units for a man. If more than this is consumed then an alcohol free day can help the body to recover.

Think about timing

Avoid snacking on sweet foods such as chocolate because this can cause blood sugar levels to fluctuate.  Instead enjoy a few small chunks after a main meal when the body’s sugar levels are stabilised.

Be prepared

If you are likely to be awake for much of the night, then combat the effect of low blood glucose levels by eating extra carbohydrates during the day.

Keep checking

Ensure that you have your blood glucose meter on you at all times as it is extremmely important to regularly check over the Christmas period.  With it’s 17-strip, drum technology, the Accu-Chek Compact conveniently enables testing at any time or place.  Results are given in just 15 seconds so you won’t be kept away from the festive fun.

Last modified: June 10, 2021

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