It’s never too late to start exercising

56 year old IronMan competitor Ian Oliver explains why he decided to get exercise and how he got involved with IronMan competitions.

Ian Oliver, 56, from Bury

It’s never too late to start training, 56 year old IronMan competitor Ian Oliver tells his story:

Ian Oliver, aged 56 is a company director from Bury, Greater Manchester, he’s currently training for his first IronMan in Bolton on July 16th 2017 and recently completed the Manchester Marathon.

‘I exercise regularly to follow my aspirations. I never thought I could swim so I wanted to challenge myself to something I've never done before.

I believe keeping fit is an investment in later life and you won't enjoy old age if you're not healthy enough to enjoy it.’

Ian Oliver competing in an IronMan event

‘My typical week of training consists of:

  • 2-3 swim sessions per week 1 hour per session at a distance of 2k
  • 2-3 run sessions per week 1 hour sessions at a distance of 10k
  • 2 bike rides per week at 2 hour sessions at a distance of 50k
  • 1 gym session per week of light exercise like Pilates’

Ian’s advice to people his age who don’t currently exercise is ‘Ask yourself why not? Try it and you'll like it. Lose weight and keep healthy and your old age will reward you. Join a club to be around like minded individuals. I joined a triathlon club and if all your friends are training you're more than likely to follow suit.’

When asked about retiring, Ian said he will ‘Carry on for as long as I can. Anything is possible and I can't imagine myself slowing down any time soon!’

What do his friends and family think of his passion for exercise? ‘The friends in the club all supportive generally my family and friends look at me in sheer admiration.’

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Last modified: June 10, 2021

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