Top tips for men on how to have a healthy heart

Benenden Healthcare’s Paul Keenan and the Chair of the Men’s Health Forum, Professor Alan White discuss the importance for men in having a healthy …
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Unfortunately, men with busy and hectic lifestyles are sometimes guilty of not staying healthy or acting on their health worries as much as they should.

Organised by the Men’s Health Forum, Men’s Health Week’s purpose (11th-17th June) is to raise awareness for men and their families of the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. The week, which ends on Father’s Day, is a great time to remind Dads that they only live once and their health is important for the whole family.

Heart disease is the most common cause of death, and premature death, for men in the UK. With men more likely to die early from heart disease compared to women, the topic seems fitting as a core discussion point for Men’s Health Week.

But what do you know about heart health? Luckily, Benenden Healthcare Society has acknowledged this issue and has teamed up with the Men’s Health Forum to answer your questions.

To find out more about Men’s Health Week and for advice on having a healthy heart, log onto our live and interactive WebTV show with Benenden Healthcare’s Paul Keenan and the Men’s Health Forum’s Professor Alan White.

Show date: Tuesday 12th June
Show time: 1pm 

Last modified: December 29, 2020

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