Precision culture boost for targeted action

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Introducing New Beginnings, the 12 week programme from Zenflore®.

Zenflore - precision culture

Did you know there’s a powerful, natural precision culture supplement that helps reduce fatigue and support your mind and body during busy and demanding times?  

What is Zenflore®?

Zenflore® contains the unique 1714-Serenitas® precision culture, as well as specially selected B Vitamins, to help support mental performance and wellbeing, it’s that simple.

1714-Serenitas has been clinically studied in people with everyday stress. Clinical studies have also shown that this natural live bacteria increases the activity in the parts of the brain correlated with an improved ability to handle stress. The B vitamins in Zenflore® help support your energy and vitality.

New beginnings 

Introducing New Beginnings, the 12 week programme from Zenflore®. From only £59.99 you will receive THREE MONTHS supply of Zenflore® for the price of TWO, saving you £29.99. As well as this fantastic saving, throughout your New Beginnings journey we will be there for you with support, advice, recipes and more.

Your ‘New Beginning’ is only a click away…

Shop Now - Zenflore precision culture

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