The evolution of sex toys since the 1970s

Adult toys are hugely sophisticated, smaller and sleeker and are made to appeal to all ages. The choice is endless and the most difficult decision is where to …
jelly penis - sex toys since the 1970s

The evolution of sex toys since the 1970s has been a pronounced and hugely profitable enterprise. Women and men, have shed their inhibitions in favour of pleasure. So let’s take a look at how we overcame the moral corruption of self abuse and found satisfaction and contentment with our sexuality.

Many people believe that sex toys such as vibrators are a relatively new phenomenon. This is actually quite far from the truth! Historians have documented use of sex aids as far back as China and Ancient Greece over 2000 years ago!

Toys like vibrators have only been identified as masturbation aids in more recent years and prior to this, they were introduced by physicians around the turn of the 20th century to help women in what was medically diagnosed back then as “hysteria”; this would be termed “sexual frustration” to you and I!

Physicians at that time were kept busy by hoards of women who experienced this “hysteria” and so one physician developed a mechanical solution (to replace/substitute massage to the genital area from the finger) in the form of a “dildo” attached to a steam engine that produced vibrations.

1970s favourite Magic Wand - sex toys since the 1970s
The Hitachi Magic Wand the ‘intimate massager’.

Of course, adult toys and sex aids have vastly advanced over the years since that time of cumbersome looking machines powered by steam so in the 1970s, the world was introduced to the Japanese manufactured Hitachi Magic Wand.

Again, this wasn’t marketed as a vibrator specifically; instead it was mass marketed in the USA as a body massager but its vibrating/massaging function was widely embraced by all as a wonderfully effective masturbation tool.

As the 1970s progressed, it did become the decade when vibrators finally became known as sex aids and toys in the mainstream.

rampant rabbit - sex toys since the 1970s
The rampant rabbit was a game changer for the way sex toys are viewed.

In the 80s, we saw one of the biggest introductions to the sex toy market so far with the “rabbit” vibrator.

A Japanese company developed a vibrator which provided simultaneous internal penetration and clitoral stimulation…the holy grail in pleasure for many women.

Famously, the rabbit gained global attention following its appearance in the hit USA series Sex and the City in 1998 which sent sales soar even higher.

The 90s saw advances in materials technology in the industry with the advent of silicone toys. These sleek and smooth toys were well received as their quality helped to heighten the pleasure experience.

sex toys - sex toys since the 1970s
Variety is the spice of life these days.

Today, adult toys are hugely sophisticated, smaller and sleeker and are made to appeal to all ages. Elizabeth Morris, a buyer at Carvaka Sex Toys tells us that for them, the men’s sex toy market is experiencing huge growth with the selection available for people with a penis as vast as it is for women.

Elizabeth also explains that toys that have a specific purpose, for example prostate massagers are extremely popular with men aged 50 and above as this kind of activity is promoted as being healthy for the prostate itself, as well as being hugely pleasurable! She also indicates increasing interest in bondage toys following the popularity of books/movies like Fifty Shades of Grey and the explosion in erotica fans.

Waterproof toys to enjoy in the bath and the shower are widely available and silent toys which merely purr when used are available for those who are concerned about privacy and technology has brought the advent of a whole slew of new options! Teledildonic toys, for example allow people to tease a partner remotely as they’re operated via a data link and you can also control many sex toys using your smartphone as its remote! The choice is endless and the most difficult decision is where to begin!

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