Thea is living proof that research works and it needs to continue

Research funded by Cancer Research UK has changed the way children like Thea are treated for Wilms’ tumour, made possible in part thanks to gifts in Wills.


When Thea was diagnosed in 2004, she was just six years old. She underwent major surgery to have the tumour removed and was in surgery for seven hours as the tumour was close to her liver. Thea’s weight plummeted to below three stone following her treatment, but thankfully she made a full recovery. 

It was only natural for her mum to fear the worst but thanks to advances in research into childhood cancer, Thea survived the disease and wants to encourage others to support the crucial work of Cancer Research UK. Thea’s mum Sally explains,

“We are so very proud of Thea for all that she has been through and how amazingly well she has coped. Even when she lost all of her beautiful long dark hair she still never complained and even though the chemotherapy made her so ill, she was just relieved to be receiving treatment.”

“Thea is living proof that research works and it needs to continue. All these things we would never have been able to see without people supporting Cancer Research UK and donating through gifts in Wills. I just think it’s amazing.”

Gifts in Wills left to Cancer Research UK have saved thousands of lives – fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, children and friends who are still here today thanks to the ground-breaking progress that has been made. 

A lasting impact

In the early 1970s, just 4 in 10 children survived cancer for 5 years or more. Today, that figure is more than 8 in 10 – keeping more families together for longer. The research happening right now could lead to even more success stories for children diagnosed with cancer in the future.

Cancer Research UK has helped saved millions of lives through their ground breaking work into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. But with someone in the UK being diagnosed with cancer every 90 seconds, there is still so much more to be done. With continued support from people who leave a gift in their Will, Cancer Research UK is determined to beat cancer sooner.

Cancer Research UKLeave a life-changing gift

Gifts in Wills are helping to fund cutting-edge technology, kinder treatments and new cures to help beat cancer sooner. Request your free information pack today, call 0800 035 9000 or visit cruk.org/legacies.

Last modified: June 10, 2021

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