Top five common conditions affecting over 50s

Turning 50 doesn’t require any drastic life chances but we should be more mindful about health conditions associated with ageing.
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For anyone in the over 50 age group, health becomes a higher priority compared to our earlier years when we are often too busy with other commitments and health was at the back of our minds. Once we hit our 50s though we soon realise our bodies need a lot more help and nutritional support to maintain our vitality and prevent conditions from getting worse. The following conditions are something we should all be aware of as we approach the 50 mark.

Mood, anxiety and sleep

The quality of sleep can be reduced with age so it’s important to do as much as possible to support this important cycle which helps the body repair and replenish vital tissues and organs. Coffee, teas and caffeinated soft drinks will all affect sleep if consumed in the afternoon or evening. It is okay to have these in the morning or over lunch but try switching to water or a calming tea such as chamomile instead.

Eye Problems including macular degeneration

New research has shown that the royal spice saffron can help improve the regeneration of macular cells which are commonly affected by age. Taking a high strength saffron spice daily such as Saffrosun or incorporating the spice into meals, will help to restore your macular cells as well as improving sleep, helps balance mood and supports the nervous system.

Heart and circulation

Heart and circulation issues become greater concerns for over 55s and so a healthier diet plan alongside effective food supplements are recommended to maintain and improve heart health. Try cutting out carbohydrates like pasta and bread for a few days each week and perhaps switching from meats to oily fish, again for a few days every week.

Knee pain

Arthritis, osteoporosis and joint replacement

Joints and muscles come under strain and chances of injury are increased in later life and need natural oils and anti-inflammatories to help prevent further injuries. Fish oils high in DHA and EPA components will help strengthen joints alongside supplements such as the Turmeric and Black pepper supplement, Natruflex.

Colds, flu and pneumonia

Generally, our immune systems become more vulnerable in older age. It’s worth noting that many sore throats, colds and flu are caused by viruses rather than bacteria. It’s important to ensure that you load up the body with food based nutrients. Drinking lemon juice in water every morning before breakfast will strengthen the body with natural vitamin C.

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Last modified: December 28, 2020

Written by 10:20 am Health