Add a touch of spring

With warmer weather just around the corner, embrace the change in season by adding a touch of spring to your home.

Spring interior

Interiors and DIY vlogger Georgina Burnett explains the change in interior trends this season.

Florals and butterflies are big this spring, but not in a 90s posh sort of way. Just add some floral cushions to an otherwise muted room.

In fact, it’s a lot about bringing the outside in. Pantone’s colour for 2017 ‘Greenery’ – think of the colour of a lush leaf – has inspired a move towards lots of tones of green in a room. This can easily be achieved by adding a lot of plants to a room.

If you’re not particularly green-fingered the good news is that faux flowers and plants are very in and there are some beautifully realistic ones now available – but this is not a time to scrimp, a cheap fake plant can kill the look of a room.

Don’t worry if you went all for Scandi last year, it’s still on trend, but just throw a spanner in the works and add a bit of colour to brighten a room and welcome the change in season.

There is also a move towards breaking typical interior design rules; small changes can make a big difference.

Spring ddecoration

No more symmetry

Move away from symmetry and make a statement, for example with large items like wall hangings slightly off centre.

Contrast shades

Include furniture in contrasting woods – dark with light – but this needs to be an obvious intention rather than an accidental move.

Mix it up

Mix styles by incorporating some modern pieces into an otherwise traditional scheme. It’s important one style dominates though so the two aren’t fighting for attention – otherwise, the room can feel messy and crowded.

Add texture

Introduce lots of different textures into a room – think tapestry, silks and knits to give the hands as well as the eyes a feast.

Flowers and vases

Go artisan

DIY is fantastic but to follow the trends, you may have to dig deep this season as there is a focus on artisanal crafts, particularly where glass is concerned.

Make it unique

If you can’t help yourself though and want to do some upcycling you may want to invest more time in projects and go less shabby chic and more smooth, professional finish – a paint like Fusion will help you to achieve this without still having to do too much prep.

Last modified: June 10, 2021

Written by 12:40 pm Home & Lifestyle