A facial so pure, you could eat it

Treat your skin this summer to the healing properties of nature’s liquid gold, with a honey facial at Bhuti in Richmond.


Bhuti is a wellness escape in leafy Richmond, a wholesome sanctuary where, upon leaving, the staff will ensure you’re purified of the stress of daily life whether that is from a meditating yoga class, a wholesome organic vegan meal or a luxury spa treatment. In desperate need of some time to de-stress, I set out for an afternoon in South-West London.

As I walked through the doors I was warmly greeted by shoe-less staff and a beautiful aroma of calming candles and delicious food wafting in from the kitchen. Unlike many yoga centres, Bhuti offers its members a safe place to meet, eat or just relax in the members' lounges – rooms filled with sofas, blankets, cushions, candles and green tea – everything you need to have a bit of you time. Invited to spend time in the lounge before my treatment, I tucked myself into one of the swinging chairs with a fresh cup of green tea and allowed myself to drift into a relaxed state.

Throughout the year it’s important to look after our bodies but summer especially can be very harsh on our skin. Spending long periods of time soaking in the sun is something that we Brits aren't always accustomed to and therefore don’t take the necessary precautions to deal with the drying temperatures. The treatments available at Bhuti are hi-tech holistic experiences, which aim to nurture and restore your body using natural and organic products.

Bhuti members lounge

It makes sense when you say it aloud, but why do we cover our skin – the largest component of our bodies – with harsh chemicals and components that should never be consumed and, as a sufferer of dry skin, finding products that are gentle on my body is no easy challenge. The Therapi range is part of the next generation of skincare, where natural beauty is emphasised and ingredients are pure enough to eat.

Honey is a marvellous thing, drizzled over yoghurt and porridge, stirred into bakes, mixed into dressings and spread over toast. It’s delicious but the wonderfully sticky substance is packed with health benefits too, containing the nutritious nectar and therapeutic essences of a thousand flowers in a single serving. The honey facial at Bhuti is a first for professional facial treatments and combines three miracle ingredients from bees – honey, beeswax and propolis –with the transformational qualities of touch, sound and scent to relax the mind, refresh the spirit and leave the skin naturally glowing.

Facial at Bhuti

Lead through to the treatment room, the components of the facial were explained to me before I was able to make myself comfortable under soft blankets and let my mind relax. To enhance the experience, a breathing ritual was encouraged before the treatment began which consisted of long deep breaths to slow down my heart rate and encourage my body to relax – something that certainly enhanced the experience for me. The facial itself was fabulous; I was able to tailor the treatment to the needs of my skin before letting the healing properties of honey work its magic.

After I had was fully, cleansed, toned and relaxed I was lead back down to the chill out lounges where I was able to take my time re-awaking my body before I headed back out into the city, feeling totally rejuvenated. The following morning my skin was glowing, this is certainly a treatment I would have again!

For more information and to book a treatment, visit Bhuti.  

Last modified: January 8, 2021

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