A winter pamper at Beauty & Melody

In need of a bit of a pamper during these cold dark nights? Beauty and Melody is a heavenly hideaway in the heart of East London.

Beauty & Melody pool

Beauty & Melody is a blissful spa in the heart of bustling Shoreditch, East London. Located on the lower ground level of the 4-star M by Montcalm hotel, the spa is a wonderful urban escape that reflects upon the tranquil properties of the ocean.

Walking through the foyer I was greeted by staff and taken down to the spa. The spa is underground and the lighting is low but without the harsh lights, the atmosphere is incredibly calming. The corridors are lit with candle style lights lining the hall leading off into each treatment room creating a wonderful aroma – It is instantly relaxing.

I was handed a robe, towel, slippers and locker key and shown to the changing rooms before being lead by my therapist to the treatment rooms. The attention to detail in the room was excellent, everything has been considered to make the experience as peaceful as possible and it wasn’t long before the sounds and smells sent me into blissful relaxation.

For those spending a lot of time sat at a desk or like me, keep a lot of tension in your upper back and shoulders, then the Deep Tissue Massage is the answer. Using only natural and organic ingredients the massage focuses on reaching the deeper layers of muscle and tissue. My therapist worked on my whole body easing out any tension and smoothing out my skin so by the end of the hour I was utterly relaxed and calm and I felt as if all the hidden tension I’d been keeping locked up was released.

Beauty & Melody treatment room

Although treatments can be enjoyed on their own, the option to have more than one makes for a truly indulgent experience. My second treatment was the Thalgo 3 Algae Facial, an hour-long, facial that transported me back to the sea. The natural algae facemask is suitable for all skin types and the wonderfully relaxing ritual leaves your complexion soft, radiant and beautiful. Whilst the mask was working its magic, I was treated to a lovely arm and hand massage that helped to enhance the experience. As a sufferer of very dry skin, the facial can be adapted to your needs so I was able to choose a hydrating moisturiser to finish that, thanks to the seaweed, was quickly absorbed into my skin leaving me with a hydrated and soft complexion.

As part of the spa, guests are given access to all the leisure facilities including the spacious gym and aerobics room with state-of-the-art equipment as well as a pool, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and chill out area. After my fabulous and de-stressing treatments, I was lead into the pool, jacuzzi and steam room where is spent the remainder of the afternoon swimming and reading in the peaceful chill out area.

It’s not only important to look after your diet; mental health and wellbeing is something that also requires time out. As a place to unwind, relax and indulge, Beauty & Melody is a wonderful city hideaway – I know I could certainly spend hours just reading by the pool.

Last modified: January 8, 2021

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