Anti-ageing magic potion

Daily drink that helped to rewind the years in my face and it can do the same for you! Writes Katy Hull.

de-ageing skin care

Today I’m sharing a secret with you… a secret that you will love and will benefit from too. So make yourself a cuppa and take a few minutes out to read if you’re interested in de-ageing your skin from the inside out.

Every evening I have a ritual. A ritual that involves what I consider to be a – magic potion…. I mix up my pink potion, my 'hint of berry' tasting potion, and I drink it up safe and happy in the knowledge that when I wake in the morning my skin will look plumped up, hydrated and glowing.

You might be asking yourself what this pink potion is …. If you've read my previous posts, you'll know I'm a skincare addict and a supplement addict. I love a powerhouse serum to target skin concerns. A luxurious oil to nourish and pamper. An exfoliating treatment that dissolves away dull and dry patches, restoring my complexion to baby-soft, smooth and vibrant looking.

However, 'the magic potion' works from the inside out. As we are far more aware these days – what we put inside our body in regards to skin health is probably more important than what we apply on the outside. Although I believe that both are very important. Do one or the other and you'll notice a difference, but invest in both and you have a double whammy effect. They support one another.

Bad habits catching up

There really isn't much point investing in quality skincare if you're going to eat lots of sugar, drink too much alcohol, smoke, never exercise, sunbathe and not wear an SPF daily…. oh and not forgetting beauty sleep. We really need beauty sleep….  I actually wrote about the importance of this Invisible Elixir of Youth and Vitality.

I don't mean to sound preachy, so please forgive me if I do. I've done all of the above (apart from smoking), all at once and some to varying degrees at different times, in my misspent youth….and probably up until age 30…or thereabouts. Actually, I've done at least three of them throughout the month of December. No-one is perfect and who doesn't want a few glasses of vino and time on the sofa watching films and eating chocolate occasionally? After a week or two of it…or three, I'm craving green smoothies, green tea, Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) HIIT workouts and long walks, and I imagine you might be experiencing something similar in terms of wanting to feel healthier and more energetic at this time of the year.

10-15 years ago my skin wasn't in such a healthy state. Sun-damaged from my carefree, sun worshipping days as a long haul Air Stewardess. Dehydrated, dull, blotchy and prematurely ageing, NCN Professional Skincare saved my skin and restored my dwindling self-confidence – to a very large degree. But it was the additional change in my lifestyle – to a much healthier one, that made me realise the amazing difference it can make to your skin. Healthy food, quality supplements, exercise and sleep are vital. We can't expect amazing results from skincare alone without the supporting elements of the above mentioned. For example, I had two very bad nights of sleep over the weekend. Broken sleep and only around four hours per night for two nights…. I looked wretched and so much older. Deadpan eyes with no sparkle in them.

I'm getting to the Magic Potion. Bear with me.

Road to Damascus moment …

Around two years ago I made a discovery that I completely fell in love with. It has been a constant staple in my daily life ever since. I discovered a collagen drink – Magic Potion. Collagen drinks have become big news in the UK over the last few years. They've been big in Asia for a long time with people touting the benefits of the drinks that will give you a more youthful complexion. Years ago it would probably have sounded a little outrageous that we could sip away the years showing in our face…. but in today's more health and wellness focused world – it makes perfect sense.

Look around and you will find collagen drinks available online, in beauty salons, medical clinics and in certain high street stores. But as I wrote in my last article about not all serums being made the same, not all collagen drinks are made the same either. I have personally only stuck with the brand that I tried and loved, because it delivered results for me and I trust the brand and the team behind it. I drink Collagen Shots by Rejuvenated. I know that team Rejuvenated are so passionate about skin health and using only the best ingredients they can source to support it. They use Marine Extract Collagen (10,000mg per drink). Hyaluronic Acid, acai Berry, vitamins, minerals and natural sweetener (stevia).


Last modified: June 10, 2021

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