Hair and beauty myths, what should you believe?

Summer is the season of sun-kissed skin and lighter hair. But many of the beauty myths we swear by, are not always what they seem.

The media is so saturated with hair and beauty trends that it has become hard uncover the truth amongst all the lies. The below tips hope to shed some light on the most common myths.

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Your hair grows faster in the sun

Contrary to popular belief, your hair doesn’t grow in the sun. It may look lighter and feel drier, but no matter what season it may be outside, this does not impact your hair growth.

Once you apply sun cream you can sit in the sun for hours on end

Just because you have applied sun cream does not mean you are totally protected from UV rays. Even if the weather outside is cloudy, that doesn’t mean your skin won’t burn. You should always apply sun cream that’s of a substantial SPF every two hours if it’s a hot temperature outside, even if the sun goes behind the clouds.

Shaving will make your body hair grow back thicker

The difference between shaving and waxing is that waxing pulls the hair out from the root, whereas shaving only removes the hair that sits on top of the skin. Shaving makes the hair appear shorter, which makes it feel thick when it’s stubbly. However, this only makes it feel thicker. It is not growing back thicker.

Expensive beauty products always work better than affordable ones

Just because a beauty product is inexpensive does not mean it doesn’t work. Most of the time, the reason why luxury branded products are so expensive is because of the label. If you have a product that works, stick to it. And if it’s affordable, then that’s a great bonus.

Water resistant sun cream means that you don’t need to reapply it

Unfortunately, no matter how much SPF you apply, once you hit the water it can come off, water resistant or not. So, make sure you reapply after coming out of the water.

Floating on the sea

Swimming in the sea dries out your skin

Whilst salt can dehydrate you when consumed, it doesn’t do the same to your skin. Sea water actually contains essential minerals and vitamins which can help to hydrate and heal your skin.

Sunlight clears your skin

Although the sun does have some anti-bacterial properties that can help your skin, this isn’t strictly true. Sunlight can have different effects on different skin types, so it’s always important to wear SPF and use one which doesn’t clog pores, as this will only leave you with more spots.

It’s good to moisturise if you’re sunburnt

A lot of people think moisturising can cool down harsh sunburn. Whilst this is true, what they can also do is trap themselves in your skin, which makes the sting and pain stay on your skin longer. If you are going to apply moisturiser, always avoid using ones that contain petroleum. Natural healers like Aloe Vera are best to use, as these soothe the pain and moisturise the skin.

Lemon juice can make your hair lighter

We’ve all applied lemon juice to our hair in the sunlight in the hope that it’ll go blonde. But whilst it does work, applying it in the baking sun will wreck your roots, due to lemon juice being acidic. Instead, a better option would be to trust your hair with a professional.

You don’t need to wear sun cream in the UK

Whilst it may not be the warmest country in the world that certainly doesn’t mean you don’t need to wear sun cream when it’s warm outside. If you’re going to expose yourself to the sun, you will need to wear protection, so always slather on as much SPF as possible.

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Last modified: January 8, 2021

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