Learning to love the skin you are in

50connect’s new beauty and wellbeing contributor, Katy Hull, talks skincare and the ills of the cosmetics industry.

Skincare in later life

Hello and welcome to my first piece with 50connect, I’m so happy to be here writing for you! I hope that you’re well and embracing the transition into autumn. I love autumn! The rich vibrant colours. Crisp mornings. Cosy knits and long walks. Tasty, soul-satisfying soups and stews….and of course, Bonfire Night & Halloween – I have 2 young children and embrace my inner child!

A little bit about me, because I like my readers to feel that they know me and can hopefully connect with me. I want you to feel when you’re reading this that we’re simply chatting across the kitchen table, cuppa in hand. Sharing all our knowledge and beauty secrets!

A little about my story …

I’m Katy Hull.  I’m a skincare and skin health expert. A health & wellness addict that loves nothing more than discovering the latest supplement, recipe, or treatment that can help us and our skin to look and feel healthy, gorgeous and glowing!

I haven’t always been such a skin angel though. Going back some years, I really didn’t take care of myself very well at all. I was uneducated and carefree when it came to my skin. Eventually the neglect and ignorant abuse towards my skin appeared in a rapidly, prematurely ageing complexion. I was depressed and severely lacking in confidence. Because of this I decided to turn things around and took positive action! A passion and interest had been stirred. I got educated and eventually set up my business treattheskinyourein.com. If you’d like to find out the more detailed story and why I set up my business, you can read here.

When it comes to skincare products I am brand loyal, with good personal reason. However, I know what the best ingredients in skincare products are and can advise you what to look for when choosing products. I favour a holistic approach and know the importance of working from the inside out as well as using effective, clean (no chemical nasties) products. I’m slightly obsessed with antioxidant overload and love green tea and a square or three of organic dark chocolate … oh and I’ve recently discovered the amazing benefits of bone broth, which I’m sipping on now as I write this.

A huge blessing and a little bit of a curse

With regards to the beauty/wellness industry. I think we’re very blessed with what is available to us now. If we’ve made past mistakes when it comes to our skin, we can really make a difference with effective products, treatments and a healthy-living approach. We’re not stuck living with the skin issues that may concern us. I know this personally from my own ‘skin sins’ of years ago. We are able to maintain our skin and keep it as healthy as possible, with what I’d define as a ‘fresh and glowing’ look. There is undoubtedly a lot of pressure for women when it comes to ageing and our looks. Realistically more so for women in the public eye. I personally think it’s about embracing the subtle changes and focusing on what we can do to feel our best and most confident. We can soften the signs of ageing without completely eliminating them, so that we look and feel like the best version of ourselves.

The curse side of things (and it’s a small one), is that with the huge variety of skincare and supplement brands available, it can leave people feeling confused and overwhelmed. If you’re really not sure what you need or what you’re looking for it can be a complete minefield of information. I know this from speaking to new clients and even my friends. People want help and advice from someone they trust. They want a simple solution and recommendations based on another person’s experience.

My aim with this column is to help you. I will share all kinds of information that I hope will benefit you in some way. I love to share and it makes me very happy when someone tells me that they tried something, be it a product or tip that made a difference.

I’m going to finish off by doing a brief round-up of things I apply to my own life and skincare approach.

The beauty rules I live by – let’s call them the ‘Brules’

Hydration. Hydration really is key for healthy, plumped up skin. Dehydrated skin can’t function or look/feel its best. I always start my day with a large glass of warm water and lemon to hydrate and cleanse after a night of sleep.

Move that body. You don’t have to go crazy here. Walking, yoga, swimming. The circulation is essential for vital nutrients to get to where they need to be. The difference it makes to skin is huge.

An anti-inflammatory diet. Inflammation in the body is incredibly ageing. Eating lots of anti-inflammatory foods and cutting out (or a least limiting sugar) is also essential. Sugar destroys collagen, leaving us with skin that is wrinkled and dull.

My view when it comes to antioxidants – too much is never enough. Eat them in the form of fruits and vegetables. Drink green smoothies. Take them in the form of supplements. Apply them in antioxidant rich skincare.

Supplements. I love a supplement! I have several in my arsenal, but what I think is hugely essential and especially in autumn and winter – vitamin D3 as well as a good quality fish oil. We need those Omega 3’s for plump, smooth, elastic skin.

Nourishing the gut is vital for great skin. Your gut health is the core of overall health, which ultimately reflects in the health of your skin. I ferment my own Kefir to drink daily and I recently added a quality daily probiotic supplement.

Sleep. Beauty sleep is no myth, but you know that already. If we don’t have enough of it we don’t look or feel our best. It’s when all of the repair work happens. As I’m writing this I’m reminding myself that I too need to ‘switch off’ earlier in the evening at times.

Skincare products that are packed with substantial amounts of proven active-ingredients. Effective products will boost collagen production, protect & repair the skin as well as helping to even out the tone. A good basic routine that includes a great cleanse and exfoliation, potent serums, nourishing oils and creams packed with pure skin-food will do wonders for the skin. An SFP cream worn daily is also essential, whether the sun is shining or it’s dull and raining.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this and I’ll look forward to chatting with you again soon!

Last modified: June 10, 2021

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