Maintain healthy skin during party season

During the party season your skin needs an extra TLC boost, don’t let the tiredness show with these top tips.

Party seasonRedness, irritation and dryness can be caused through cold weather and central heating, team that with everything that comes with it being party season and it’s no wonder the skin is left feeling in need of some TLC.

Ice water plunge

A cold mask for 20 minutes features in quite a few facials – it soothes, refreshes and tightens and also takes inflammation away and brightens the skin. If you’ve had some late nights this is a simple way to brighten up the skin and take down any inflammation or puffy eyes. Washing your face with cold water soothes refreshes and tightens skin. Ice can also be used to reduce redness or inflamed spots. Cucumber water in an ice tray freeze, massaged on the skin, really freshens and reduces heat, all whilst moisturising the skin.

Brighten up with AHA and collagen

Use mild AHAs to brighten the skin. The AHAs most commonly used in cosmetic products are glycolic acid and lactic acid. Other AHAs to look out for include citric acid and 2-hydroxydecanoic acid. All will aid the overall look and feel of the skin. Collagen sheet masks such as Mesoestetic Crystal Fibre Mask are also amazing to rejuvenate tired skin.

Herbal tea

Detox with tea and electrolytes

During party season many of us indulge ourselves a little more than usual, a little more often. You can hide the symptoms by taking extra antioxidants, drinking green tea or taking electrolytes and couple this with eating well where you can. IV Vitamin infusions are amazing this time of year, a different kind of cocktail that’s really good for you. Infusions are full of vitamin C and B12 that really hydrate the system back up. Infrared saunas will also help you to detox and reduce inflammation.

Night time is cell recovery time

There’s quite a lot of uncertainty around what a serum is and what it does. Even if you use a great moisturizer at night a serum may still be beneficial. Whilst moisturisers keep the skin hydrated, serums such as Estee Lauder, Night Repair penetrates the skin more deeply to deliver key ingredients. Serums at bedtime assist with your skin’s cellular recovery with high concentrations of certain active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid (to reduce lines), vitamin C (to brighten the skin) or glycolic acid (an exfoliant), to name just a few.

Hydrate inside and out

Hydrate from the inside out, get plenty of vitamin C and omegas. Moisturise and protect using an oil based moisturiser with vitamin A, C and E. If the skin is particularly dry, treat yourself to a professional specialist treatment such as an advanced vitamin facial to nourish and soothe the skin. 

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Last modified: June 10, 2021

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