Turn back the clock with Daiva Beauty House

Treat your face to a winter pamper at Daiva Beauty House and her expert knowledge and care will have your face positively glowing come spring.

Facial It was incredibly refreshing to leave Daiva Beauty House with not only visibly radiant skin but to leave feeling rejuvenated and educated as to how I can continue my treatment at home, preserving that post-facial glow in the days following.

Daiva Kamysova has spent 13 years working in the beauty industry, having studied at the London Beauty College she went on to excel in her career winning three National Makeup Artist Awards. But makeup can only get you so far, the ways in which we treat and skin and the natural signs of ageing require more than a cover-up. Daiva went on to enhance her expertise and founded her beauty house in 2015. She says “I entered the beauty industry to understand how to deal with the causes of skin and beauty problems and not just to cover them up. My treatments are designed to help women who want to learn how to look after themselves, treat and care for their skin in a healthy way and boost both their inner and outer beauty.”

From the moment I stepped into her treatment room, Daiva made me feel instantly comfortable and relaxed. Unlike many facials, she was actively engaged in discovering all she could about my lifestyle and skin accurately, adjusting the treatment to my needs. The Environ Collagen Power Facial includes a variety of stages and processes, each of which Daiva carefully explained, whilst also allowing me to have those precious moments of total relaxation.

It was not only my face that benefited from the treatment, the facial began with having my hands massaged and placed into warm Paraffin Wax before they were wrapped up and left by my side. Daiva then moved her concentration to my face. Whilst she cleansed, toned and refreshed my skin using Environs’ specialist products, she offered advice as to at home skin care and the important relationship between skin, diet and lifestyle – that glass of wine is inevitable but you must drink plenty of water to prevent it dehydrating your skin.

After a steam and extraction – no pain no gain – my skin was once again allowed to relax. The Environ Collagen Power Facial boosts collagen, smoothes fine lines and tightens laxity using the powerful Sono DFP 312™ serum with vitamin A and C serums. These were applied to my face using sound wave and pulsing current technology to push the serums deep into my skin for a lasting, healthy glow.

Finally, Daiva covered my face and décolleté with an algae mask. Although an odd sensation at first, my body soon relaxed and another machine was used to help the mask work its magic and sink into my skin. Whilst in a relaxed trance the wax was removed from my hands and both my arms and hands were massaged with wonderfully aromatic oils, further inducing me into a meditative state.

The mask was then removed and my face was cleansed and massaged for a final time before I was handed a mirror to examine my new plumped out and radiant complexion. It was a real winter treat and one that I am revelling in days after my treatment.

You can find Daiva at Mayfair Aesthetics and Beauty, in London. The Environ Power Facial starts from £130, for more information and to book your treatment, visit Daiva Beauty House

Last modified: June 10, 2021

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