Ward off the ageing process with chocolate and roses

Using the powerful antioxidants found in dark chocolate and the relaxing aroma of roses, LipoTherapeia have produced a powerful anti-ageing treatment that work…

Cocoa With a heavily saturated anti-ageing market it is hard to know what products work well, what might have suited a friend has little effect on you and then there’s the option of going under the knife to ward off the ageing process. For many women though, this is not an option due to high costs and personal preferences.

LipoTherapeia have combined the power of nature with technology, offering visitors the Meso-CRF Chocolate and Rose facial – a wonderful radiofrequency facial that uses the anti-ageing benefits of deep tissue radiofrequency with the aroma of rose and the amazing health benefits of cocoa flavanols, to create a relaxed yet powerful, anti-ageing treatment that works.

The clinic itself is light and bright, taken through to the treatment room I was greeted and offered rose tea and chocolates for a truly indulging experience, while the procedure was carefully explained and all my questions were answered.

The antioxidants found in dark chocolate are renowned for their skin benefits as they help protect against UV rays and boost skin circulation, hydration, elastin and collagen. Unlike other chocolate facials, the Meso-CRF Chocolate and Rose facial utilises pure cocoa flavanols. LipoTherapeia’s director Georgios Tzenichristos comments “We use the absolute best (and most expensive at £2,500 per kilogram) cocoa polyphenol extract in the world, with 95% purity as opposed to 0.5% found in cocoa and in common “chocolate facials”.

Unlike your typical facial, it is hard to drift off into a meditative state but the procedure was by no means unpleasant. Once the cocoa and hyaluronic formula had been applied to my face, the radiofrequency was used to ensure the flavanols penetrated deep into my skin tightening fine lines and leaving my skin positively glowing.

Although radiofrequency uses heat, the temperature was adjusted to my own personal preference and tolerance with Georgios strongly urging me to speak up if I felt uncomfortable at any point during the treatment.

My treatment concluded with a deep tissue rose scented massage to stimulate my skin, leaving me with a plump and glowing complexion and had me walking – rejuvenated – out of the door 5 minutes later. 

Single sessions last a bit less than sixty minutes and cover the entire face while double sessions last a bit more than ninety minutes and cover the full face, neck and décolletage. For further information and to book your session, visit LipoTherapeia.

Last modified: June 10, 2021

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