5 winter skincare tips for glowing healthy skin

Winter brings with it dry, chapped skin so here are some simple tips to keep you glowing through the colder months.
winter skincare

For many people winter brings more than just cold weather.  In fact, winter often brings cold weather that results in dry air, which in turn leaves skin dry and irritated.

Without a proper winter skincare regime, dry skin can lead to further irritation. As winter approaches people often start looking for ways to counteract the cold winter weather to keep their skin hydrated.  The good news is that simple tips can be implemented into skincare routines to improve skin health during the winter.

Let’s talk about just a few ways to improve skincare for the winter.  

5 winter skincare tips


During the winter not only does the outside air increase in dryness, but indoor heating systems dry out the air.  In addition, heating systems often put out dust into the air. Invest in a humidifier for your home. This will help put moisture back into the air to prevent your skin from drying out.

Drink water

That’s right, it’s as simple as drinking water.  During the winter as conditions dry, more moisture is pulled from our body.  Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. Not only will this help your skin health but help your body.  

Shower with lukewarm water

Showering with lukewarm water is easier said than done.  We all love taking hot showers, especially during the winter.  Keep hot showers to a minimum as hot water removes essential oils from the skin that keeps the skin hydrated.  Take lukewarm to cold showers. In addition, avoid using body washes with harsh chemicals as this will dry out your skin.


It’s important to know the right places and times to apply moisturiser to maximize results.  Let’s talk about some of the best times and places to apply moisturizers.

When showering with warm water or washing your face with water, this opens your pores helping your skin better absorb moisturizers.  After showering or washing your face with warm water, apply moisturizer as soon as possible. This will help ensure maximum absorption into the skin.

Some of the areas of the body that gets most dry during the winter are skin areas most exposed.  Some of these areas include hands, feet and arms. Moisturize these areas extra to help combat the dryness experienced in the winter.

Lower the thermostat

When it’s cold outside the natural reaction is to crank up the heat.  Central heat can make the air in your house drier. Set the thermostat to an even cool temperature, ideally somewhere from 69°F to 72°F.

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