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Our Aesthetics & Skincare Expert, Amish Patel at Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic, shares his age-defying beauty tricks and tips in this article.
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If your post-lockdown wellness regime has involved getting fit and eating more healthily, then you could find that you’ve shed a few pounds: great news for your health and body! However, you’ll be glad of these age-defying beauty tricks because with weight loss also comes a loss of volume in our faces, leaving them looking ever so slightly older, with less plumpness to hide those wrinkles.

An old story

With age and weight loss, we naturally start to notice changes in our faces. Areas such as our tear troughs can appear darker and hollower, our jowls begin to look saggy, and our necks can start to droop, otherwise known as the very unflattering name: ‘Turkey Neck’.

So, how can you improve these areas of your face? Obviously, in extreme cases, cosmetic surgery such as a jawline lift or facelift might be the most obvious answer. However, I believe everyone should explore plenty of other avenues before considering surgery and its potential risks.

Jawline and jowels - age-defying beauty tricks
With age and weight comes the dreaded ‘turkey neck;

Lifestyle matters

Firstly, the lifestyle you lead can have a significant impact on your skin. Keeping hydrated, eating plenty of vitamin-rich foods and getting a good night’s sleep are basics we can all manage. Do your homework and get your kitchen cupboards stocked up to supercharge your skin. For example, did you know that Chia seeds are rich in skin-loving omega-3? It can help reinforce the skin’s barrier layer to keep it looking dewy and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Cutting down the alcohol, sweets and stopping smoking are, again, actions that can make significant changes to your skin.

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Products & potions

Reviewing your skincare products and routine is another way to help improve the skin’s overall texture and tone. Investing in quality skincare products backed by science means that you might have to pay more initially, but the results will be more significant. Remember: ingredients and formulations can massively impact the absorbency and efficiency of the product’s interaction with your dermal layers, so do your research and create a skincare routine that works for you.


Face facts

Face fillers, when administered by a professional, can leave your face looking younger and refreshed. By adding filler to the mid part of the face, it can give a subtle lift to sagging jawlines and replenish lost volume to ‘tighten’ the loose skin without needing to go under the knife. This ‘liquid face lift’ is different for every face. A pre-treatment consultation should be able to determine if the aesthetics practitioner has the capability and knowledge to make a difference to your face or if the results you desire are even achievable. Face fillers are a good option if you are looking for subtle changes that can make a substantial physical and psychological difference.


Face yoga

Face yoga is also growing in popularity. There are some great exercises you can try for sagging necks that promise to tone up that troublesome area under the chin that is often difficult to treat area. These exercises require some daily commitment, but there is no reason you can’t do them during your morning beauty routine. Add a few in when you are cleansing your face and applying your moisturiser and make-up in front of the mirror. Some yoga face experts even promise that you will start to see a difference after just four weeks, so make some changes to your lifestyle today and say goodbye to sagging tomorrow!

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Last modified: August 26, 2021

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