Angela Langford’s dream a little dream – indulgent bespoke skincare

Dream a little dream with this indulgent offering from bespoke skincare specialists, Angela Langford
Dream a Little Dream - Angela Langford

Masterchef finalist, Angela Langford, describes her approach to skincare as being akin to cooking and, in essence, she has a point; she explains, ‘making skincare products includes using the best ingredients you can find, that are heated or emulsified or folded into each other to make something that’s good for you.’

Having entered into the skincare business while living in Spain, the Angela Langford brand has quickly established a loyal following courtesy of the high-quality natural ingredients, a policy of not testing on animals and, obviously, the richness of the products themselves.

For a lot of women, finding a skincare routine that fits can be difficult, with even something as simple as a body wash causing dry, itchy skin or clogging up their pores.

Enter dream a little dream, a natural body wash that delivers an elegantly layered cocktail of lavender, neroli & chamomile to soothe and relax while you cast off the stresses of the day.

The first thing you will notice is its texture on the skin; it has a slightly looser consistency to many of the more ‘manufactured’ body washes in the premium price bracket, and boasts a velvety softness that soothes the skin.

We’ve tried a few products from the Angela Langford range and they have all been strong on natural aromats – not in an overpowering sense – each has its own transportative qualities. It is easy to be carried on the heady lavender notes of dream of a little dream, conjuring memories of warm summer evenings, while subtle touches of sweet Neroli and herbal Chamomile are introduced like an evening breeze.

The Angela Langford range is suitable for all skin types and is well worth looking at if you care about what is in the products you use on your skin. It is refreshing to find a brand that is so sensitive to the needs of consumers and builds a wholly natural range to fit it.

Overall then, this dream a little dream does exactly what it says on the tin. It leaves skin feeling fresh, moisturised and relaxed, and at just over £16 per bottle, it’s a little touch of luxury for yourself or the ideal choice as a gift.

We’re confident you’ll fall in love with this product, but if you are wavering you can register on Angela’s website and try a free sample.  

Where to buy Angela Langford products

dream a little dream is available at priced £16.50.

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Last modified: October 11, 2021

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