Bags under eyes – simple tips to achieve healthy skin around eyes

Having bags under eyes is something that affects everyone as we age. Here are some simple tips to keep the skin around your eye area healthier for longer.
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Waking up to dark circles and bags under eyes is never a good start to the day. The most common cause of under-eye bags or puffiness is ageing and while we can’t stop the hands of time, we can slow them down. Try a few simple tips and your eyes will feel healthier and look happier.

Reduce bags under eyes

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Changing diet, along with other lifestyle changes, can help maintain healthy skin and reduce puffiness around eyes.

Diet for healthy skin and eyes

Healthy bright eyes can also be achieved from the inside by watching our diet.  You’d be surprised how diet and lifestyle changes can have a positive effect on your skin. Here are some pointers for healthy skin around the eye area.

  • Avocados are rich in Vitamin E and monounsaturated oils to maintain skin structure.
  • Red meats contain protein, zinc and iron which enable skin to renew itself.
  • Sunflower seeds may help to improve skin that is dry and flaky.
  • Bilberries are a very rich source of the antioxidant nutrients which help strengthen blood capillaries and collagen fibres.
  • Flax seeds help skin to stay smooth and retain moisture.
  • Liver contains nutrients to help with skin regeneration.

There is plenty you can do to keep the area around your eyes hydrated and healthy, without relying on budget-busting cosmetics. Use products sparingly and take a more natural approach and you’ll soon feel the benefits inside and out.

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