Why diluted skin care products mean you could be flushing money down the drain

What’s the attraction of the skin care products you buy, big brand, nice smelling? Unless you know what’s in them, says Fay Watt, you could be wast…
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Many skin care products on the shelves today contain very high levels of water, often between 75 and 95 per cent. Take a look at the ingredients list of go-to cleansers, moisturisers or SPF day creams and it’s likely that ‘Aqua’ – the Latin name for water – will be at the top of the ingredients list.

So why is this a problem? It’s hard to think of a purer and more natural ingredient than water, and it’s common knowledge that drinking plenty of water has many health benefits. But there are sound health reasons for avoiding skincare products that contain excessive amounts of water. Fay Watt from natural skincare company Eternal Skincare explains:

“Too much water can have a really drying effect on the skin. It strips away the skin’s natural oils, and causes that parched, tight feeling. Even moisturisers, sold to us as counteracting skin dryness, can actually contribute to the problem when they contain high levels of water. You can also be sure that, the more water there is in skin care products, the less active ingredient will be included. Water dilutes formulations, compromising their effectiveness and leaving skin more vulnerable to the damaging effects of the elements.”

Skin care product rip offs

Not to mention that paying for a product comprised almost entirely of something available straight from a tap feels like a bit of a rip-off, especially because it majorly dilutes the active ingredient customers are paying for. Even when products are cheap, when the inexpensive cost of water as an ingredient and the impact it can have on skin health are considered, consumers may not be bagging such a bargain after all.

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What ingredients should you be looking out for instead?

“You don’t need to avoid water altogether, but make sure you choose products where ‘Aqua’ is not at the top of the ingredients list,” Fay added.

She continued: “There are many alternative natural ingredients that truly penetrate and hydrate the skin. Our Aloe Super Hydrating Moisturiser contains over 50 per cent of its active ingredient – organically grown aloe vera juice. Skincare products like this are effective for people with sensitive skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or rosacea, whose conditions can really flare up when using products with a high water content.”

Known for being remarkably soothing and calming, the ability of aloe vera to maintain healthy skin has been harnessed by human civilizations around the world for thousands of years, long before modern dermatological research began to unlock its benefits.

Fay concludes: “When choosing a moisturiser, pick something with high levels of active ingredients by checking that ‘Aqua’ is not the top listed ingredient, and look for soothing, natural alternatives like Aloe Vera and chamomile, or softening oils such as sweet almond oil. You’ll get more bang for your buck, and your skin will really thank you.”

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