Summer chic: Dressing with confidence and authority

Trying to stay cool while being professional isn’t an easy feat. Here are some tips on how to dress with authority at work in the summer months.


summer chic

Are you struggling to stay cool and stylish in the heat while also balancing the symptoms of menopause? We’re here to help you rediscover summer chic. Our expert fashion tips are specifically designed to help you manage the challenges of heat during menopause while embracing your unique style. Say goodbye to hot flushes and hello to a cool, confident and fashionable summer.

More is less

The more skin you display, the less authority you carry so short sleeve tops may be cooler, but give you less authority. Consider having a summer jacket you keep at work, possibly linen, to slip on over the short sleeves when you need that extra shot of authority.

Light, colourful knitwear is also a summer option. We’re seasoned enough to know the UK weather is changeable and prone to surprising forecasters, so rather than grabbing a jacket on your way out, why not try rough crochet knit tops, breathable ribbed knit long-sleeved polos or a lightweight linen cardie.

Keep it hidden

Make sure bra straps are hidden and avoid spaghetti straps, halter tops and shorter hems, which all display more skin. Instead, opt for a neutral or bright coloured shift dress from your season palette with beautiful accessories, or try a smart, patterned A-line skirt in some of your wow colours and choose a well-fitting top that could pick out one of the colours in your skirt.  Make sure you get your skirt length right as different styles suit different people.

Keep it neat

Make sure your make-up and hair are en-pointe. Wearing one of your best lipsticks for your natural colouring will give you instant authority and apply a light sweep of the right colour blusher gives your face a natural rosy glow to complete the professional look.

Summer chic - Linen

Opt for linen

Linen is the summer fabric; it’s breathable, light and comfortable and particularly suits anyone with Natural in their style. Buying a well-fitted, long-sleeve linen shirt means you can cover up as if you are wearing a jacket but you’re still able to stay cool in the office.

Keep them light

If you need to wear tights, wear 7 denier as they’re breathable but still look professional. If you wear open-toed shoes or backless mules make sure to have a closed toe shoe on standby for when you need to up the authority stakes.

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Last modified: June 15, 2023

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