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Amish Patel, Aesthetics Practitioner and Skincare Expert at Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic talks tired eyes, the causes and how you can rejuvenate your eye area with…
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If you’re fed up with comments such as ‘you look really tired’ or ‘you look exhausted’, then it’s likely that those bags, crows feet or dark circles under your tired eyes are likely to be the reason. In this article, Aesthetics Practitioner and Skincare Expert Amish Patel at Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic discusses tired eyes, the causes and how you can rejuvenate your eye area with some beauty tips and lifestyle changes.

Windows to the soul

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the under-eye area is literally the ledge they sit on. As we age, the thin skin areas under and around our eyes becomes thinner. This thinning skin then allows more of our blood vessels to show through, giving the appearance of dark circles.

Periorbital puffiness, also known as puffy eyes or ‘eye bags’, is caused by fluid build-up and sagging skin. Dry or watery eyes can also add to the illusion of tired eyes, so if you suffer from either of these conditions, it would be worth talking to your ophthalmologist for expert advice and exploration. But it’s not all doom and gloom!

All eyes on you

Aesthetic interventions such as tear trough fillers can be used with great success at resolving dark circles and lost volume under the eye area. Anti-wrinkle injections such as ‘Botox’ can also ‘refresh’ the eye area, and surgery can also remove under-eye bags. However, you can adopt plenty of lifestyle changes that can hopefully improve the issue of tired-looking eyes.

alcohol tired eyes
Lifestyle changes such as reducing the amount of alcohol you drink can have an effect on your skin and health.

Look at your lifestyle

Drinking alcohol won’t help tired-looking eyes and will contribute to puffy eyes, dehydrated skin and interrupted sleep. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to combat dehydration and flush out toxins. Soak tea bags in the fridge overnight and place them over your eyes, sitting upright in the morning to refresh tired eyes and battle those bags!

Work it

Sitting in front of your computer screen for hours and hours won’t do your eyes any good either! Make sure you take regular breaks and invest in a computer screen cover or a pair of glasses that cut down the screen’s glare.  Ensure that you also have regular eye tests, as squinting at the screen over time will contribute to wrinkles around the eye area and make your eyes feel and look tired.

Sleep well to reduce tired eyes

Dark hollows under your eyes can be the consequence of a lack of sleep. If you’re not getting your full 8-hour quota of rest, then now is the time to switch off and get snoozing! If eye bags are your issue, then cut out drinking fluids late at night and sleep with your head slightly elevated to help prevent the fluid from collecting in a pool around your eye area.

skincare regimes can help tired eyes
Use lightweight and serums that sink more easily into your skin.

Elevate your skincare routine

Many people make the mistake of reaching for heavy eye creams in an attempt to moisturise the eye area. My tip is to avoid heavy eye creams that will sit around the eye area and contribute to puffy eyes. Choose a lightweight quality eye cream or serum.

I love serums as they sink effortlessly into the skin thanks to their molecule formulation. They are absorbed quickly and moisturise the delicate skin around the eye without feeling ‘heavy’ sitting on the skin.

My favourite eye serum is the iS Clinical C Eye Advance. This product just absorbs into the skin beautifully to hydrate and helps to diminish under-eye puffiness, fine lines and brighten dark under-eye circles. It’s an essential part of my client’s skincare routine. 

Gently does it

Take care when touching your eyes. Make sure your hands are clean and be gentle on the skin. Rubbing with full force to remove eye make-up or rubbing itchy eyes can have a detrimental effect on the eye and surrounding skin.

When applying creams around the eye, put a little product in the cup or back of the hand, dot it carefully around the orbital bone and no more than a millimetre below your eyebrow and gently massage in, using the lightest touch.

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Last modified: July 20, 2021

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