How to dress to make an impression

Don’t shy away this autumn, dress to impress with these ten top tips on adding colour to your wardrobe.

For many, ageing can mean losing confidence especially as society puts such a heavy emphasis on looking young, but according to Helen Venables, managing director of House of Colour, this is our time to shine! Here are some of her best tips.

Just because you are ageing, it doesn’t mean you need to slip under the radar. Your hippie flares may no longer suit you, but you can still show off your personality and be stylish – don’t hide behind long dresses and baggy clothes. Wear clothes that fit you properly – comfortable doesn’t mean frumpy and flat shoes don’t have to be boring!

The wrong colours can wash you out as you age so choose clothes, scarves and accessories close to your face in a colour that really suits you. The older we get the brighter we need to go – disappearing into soft colours just makes us look older.

It could be time to try a new makeup look. Wake up your face with a brighter lipstick, soft eyebrow pencil and blusher. Apart from skin, lips and brows are the first on the face to change and may have less definition. Our skin might have lost some of its colour so don’t shy away from the right blusher to suit your skin. Invest in a Wake Up Your Makeup class to ensure you don’t get stuck in an ageing makeup rut.

When it comes to your eyes, choose an eyeliner the same colour as the outside of your iris. As you age, avoid shimmery and sparkly shadows as they tend to accentuate fine lines more than matt colours.

Wear colours that suit you by having your colours analysed by a professional. Pick your outfits based on the colours and tones that lift your face and make you feel good. If you are always complimented when you wear a certain outfit – it’s more likely to be the right colour for you.

You are never too old to wear some well-fitting jeans.

Invest in yourself. Don’t feel guilty about spending well-earned money and time on yourself, and your make-up and clothes.

When it comes to handbags, go for a statement bag rather than something boring – it’s a great way to spice up an outfit.

A correctly fitted bra can change your posture and our bodies do change with age so have a bra fitting every 6 months.

It takes maturity and confidence to define your style so celebrate what makes you, you.

For further tips on adding a splash of colour to your life head to House of Colour.

Last modified: January 8, 2021

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